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Art -- L earn basic drawing, cutting and painting. Work with different medians including water color, pastels, acrylics, charcoal, cut paper collage and printmaking. Be introduced to the art of crafting with weaving, mosaics, paper mache and sculpture.  Become familiar with various artists and their works and then create projects around the artist's style.  All at age appropriate levels!!                                   

$15/month, 1 class/week


PE --   Learn basic skills in movement education and in developing eye-hand, eye-foot and hand-foot coordination along with the basics of life time recreation skills.  Participate in movement to music; basic tumbling at the elementary levels; basic ball handling for grades 3-5; basketball, soccer and baseball/softball for grades 3-8; Archery in the Schools, throwing, tennis and golf for grades 6-8.      

$15/month, 1 class/week                           $25/month, 2 classes/week


Music -- Learn basic music theory including note values, music notation, composers and families of music instruments.  Learn to sing the Hymn of the month and selections from school musicals with opportunities to participate in school productions and music festivals.  Choir classes offered weekly for grades 3-8!!  Band classes offered 4th-8th grades;  Strings: 3rd-8th grades.                                                  

$15/month, 1 class/week                          $25/month, 2 classes/week

















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