Welcome to our page about consigning with the Little Lambs Closet of HCS !


Top 10 Reasons to Consign with Little Lambs Closet !

  1. High Profit Margin & Seller-Controlled Pricing - You earn 70% of every item you sell and you control the pricing.

  2. Organized Unsold Merchandise Options - You have the option to pick-up your unsold items (sorted by seller number) or have us donate them to charity.

  3. Quick Profits - Your earnings check is available in a few business days. There is a low $10 fee to consign!

  4. Broad, Effective Marketing - Your items are shopped by hundreds of families, and we take care of all the advertising.

  5. Affordably Clothe Your Children - With the money you make, you can supply your children with next season's wardrobes.  We hope to have lots of Easter outfits for you.

  6. Early Shopping Benefits - You get to shop BEFORE the public at the Consignor Presale for the BEST deals, and you are eligible to volunteer in order to shop even earlier. (Thurs. evening, March 17, 2022)

  7. Clean House = Happy Mom - Your closets are clean and uncluttered, ready for each new season.  

  8. Beats Alternative Selling Methods - No hassle with yard sale prep/haggling/clean-up/weather, or online listing/no-shows/safety/packing/shipping.

  9. Track Your Earnings Daily - You can monitor your earnings online during the sale.

  10. There's No Better Way! Clean-out and cash-in in ONE week! It's easy, it's fun, it's REWARDING!

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What is my Consignor Homepage?

Each person who has ever been assigned a consignor number can login to their own Consignor Homepage by using their consignor number and the password they choose during registration. The Consignor Homepage is where consignors:

  • Enter items and price you want
  • Schedule a drop-off appointment
  • Schedule a shift to volunteer
  • Print barcodes
  • View estimated earnings during the sale
  • View seller report (a list of all sold items which becomes available during pick-ups)
  • Update contact and account info

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Quick Steps: How to Participate

  1. Register online for a consignor number and choose a drop-off appointment.
  2. Choose a shift or two to work at the sale to earn early shopping!
  3. Hang, tag and price your items according to the instructions in this PDF -->    Seller Instructions
  4. Login to your Consignor Homepage to print barcodes stickers and apply them to your tags.
  5. Drop-off your items at Heritage Christian School during the appointment time you choose. 
  6. As a consignor / volunteer, take advantage of getting to shop BEFORE the public during the Consignor Presale, if you wish.
  7. Pick-up your unsold items (will be sorted by consignor number) OR allow your unsold items to be donated to charity.
  8. Check will be snail mailed to the address on file within 2 weeks of the sale closing. 


Quick Steps: How to Prepare Your Items

You MUST read and abide by the rules set forth in the "SELLER INSTRUCTIONS" PDF.  The instructions help the consignment sale run smoothly and gives the shopper continuity no matter who consigned the item they want to purchase.  Number one, clean and wash the item.  Make sure all  parts are in working order - including zippers and buttons.  We do not accept items that are torn, stained, or show a lot of wear and tear.  Label everything.  Lableing is how we track the item from beginning to end and is the only way you can be sure to receive compensation.   If there are multiple parts or pieces, label each item with the same item number. Every item needs your consignor ID# and an item number. 


Here are a few tips:




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