Testimonials from our families and students, past and present.


"Our daughters completed HCS in 2006 and since then have remained committed to Christian Values and even now in the secular world continue to grow relationally, educationally and in their ability to walk out their values and morals in a secular world. This could only be possible thanks to the wonderful teachers and staff at Heritage." - Ron H.

"As an 'attending parent' of the Ion Jones presentation for the kids at HCS..... I was highly impressed at how well organized this day was!.... The PTF, and each parent or grandparent that volunteered their time that day should be congratulated on a job well done for our kids! I think each child left there with an overwhelming amount of knowledge and information of the basics of chemistry, the scientific method, and how scientists "do what they do"..... whether or not it all 'sinks in', or how much they actually took away from it..... the one thing they ALL received from it was that "science is fun"!! I think it was a great thing for HCS to be able to offer our children!!.....Great Job to everyone involved!!... I was Impressed!" - Joe Quigley - Ally's Dad

"Ion Jones Day was fabulous! The kids were excited, and their enthusiasm was contagious. It blessed me so much to see all of our volunteers... parents and grandparents giving of their time to serve God's school. The students and volunteers both learned more about God's amazing world. At the end of the afternoon, one of the students saw me in the hallway and said "those liquid crystals were really cool!" Comments like his, the hugs I received, and the smiles I saw on the students' faces were priceless!" - Lori Rhoades, Parent Volunteer for the Hands-on Student Experiments

"My son, Gabriel, recently completed his first year at HCS in the K3 program. My wife and I were are very concious about the environment that we want for our family and Heritage Christian School was more than we could have asked for. An early education rooted in Christian values is exactly what we wanted and received. The staff at HCS is top notch and their work is truly a labor of love. I look forward to my child continuing his educational and religious growth in the halls and classrooms of HCS. Flat out this is an awesome school, run by amazing people!" - Jonathan M.

"Dear Mrs. Simms,

I am not sure you remember me and my family, but you, your staff, and your school, always have been special to me. My children, Kate and Matt, attended Heritage Christian School until we moved to Cleveland in 2005. In fact, I believe Kate was in the first class of students when HCS opened its doors. Also, Kate had Mrs. Wolfe and Mrs. Curia as teachers, both of whom made strong, positive impacts on them. I continually tell everyone that HCS was one of the best schools that the children ever attended, with a focus on academics that stresses the fundamentals of each subject as well as the importance of growing up and becoming a good person - an absolute winning combination! I see that Mrs. Curia is still teaching at HCS. Please give her my warm regards!
. . . . .

I have been very blessed over the years in that Kate and Matt are doing extremely well academically and are simply really good kids! I attribute much of their success to the strong foundation created during their time at HCS.

I wanted to send you this note . . . . to thank you for allowing us to be a part of the HCS family. I have enclosed a contribution to your annual fund, which I know will be used to further grow your school and continue the success that it has earned. I hope you realize how special the school is, and how much it positively impacts the lives of its students - and parents.

Thank you so much,

Megan D."


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